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The Luders 16

The L16 is sloop-rigged sailboat. The "L" is for the designer, A. E. (Bill) Luders, and the sixteen represents the waterline length of the boat.

L16s are twenty-six feet long overall and have a working sail area of 207 square feet. The boats have a small cuddy cabin with sitting headroom and, optionally, two berths for spartan overnight accommodations.

Production wooden L16s were built in the post-World War II years by Luders Marine. The hulls were hot-molded from five one-eighth inch plys of mahogany. In the sixties and seventies, fiberglass reproductions were built by International Plastics Corporation, then by Midwest Marine and Easterly Yachts. In all, close to 300 L16s were produced.

Class Rules

Click here for a PDF of the class rules, revised as of Sep 23 1999

L16 Specifications
Length Overall 26' 4"
Length at Water Line 16' 4"
Beam 5' 9"
Draft 4'
Sail Area 207 square feet
Displacement 2950 pounds
Ballast 1600 pounds lead
Approximate Sail Areas
Main 158 square feet
Jib 61 square feet
Genoa 108 square feet
Spinnaker 298 square feet


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